Why “A Dog…”

“We may be in the Universe as dogs and cats are in our libraries, seeing the books and hearing the conversation, but having no inkling of the meaning of it all.”  (William James)

The above quote ought to make the selection of the title of this website a little more obvious.  Besides, “Catholic and Enjoying It!“, “Bad Catholic, and “American Papist” are all already taken!

I heard this quote while watching Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism Series – the 3rd episode, in particular.  He was talking about the audacity of our assumption that just because we can see everything in the material universe, we think we are capable of understanding it, but we are like James’ Dog (or cat) in the library.  I don’t claim that I do understand, but that won’t stop me from trying to cram as much into my little dog-brain as I can.



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