Stand in the Place Where You Are…

2 02 2012
…Or the Big Pink Stink

There has been a lot of crosstalk about the Susan G. Komen foundation pulling the plug on Planned Parenthood.  The funny thing is, Komen hasn’t said peep about it until today.  Planned Parenthood leaked the story and Jill Stanek says she knows why they have been first to punch the press on many occasions.  I can’t say it’s shocking, in fact the best defence is a good offence, and Planned Parenthood has increasing reason to be defensive as several States have pushed for defunding and tighter (or any) regulation.

What seems inconsistent in the crosstalk I’m hearing is that Planned Parenthood supporters who have long cried, “But look at all the good they do for women’s healthcare!” don’t seem willing to extend that same benefit of the doubt to Komen.  Threats of cancelling donations and, “I’m burning anything pink – from now on, screw Komen!” have abounded, and yet – donations are up.

According to a conference call from Komen’s VP, donations have gone up over 100% in the past two days.  If pressure from pro-life activists are behind Komen’s change of heart, it seems they’re at least the generous sort of “hurtful bullies”.  Planned Parenthood’s donations are up, too.  In fact, they’ve been pledged more than Komen ever gave them.

If only every culture war issue resulted in both sides vindictively donating to charity…

The mass media still reports its’ biased view of the March for Life  as this article from Reuter’s shows.

With this kind of media bias, it understandably shocks a lot of people that pro-lifers could effect such change – “It must be bullying and coercion!” is the only logical conclusion.  I mean, we’d know if nearly half a million people were marching to the Capitol, right…right?

Pick a place to stand:

Susan G. Komen -or- Planned Parenthood





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